Randgold Resources’ core strategy is to grow organically and create real value through the discovery and development of world-class orebodies. 

Exploration programmes are underway in Côte d’Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali and Senegal, and the company currently has groundholdings of 15 260km2 hosting 157 targets in these countries.

2017 was a year during which Randgold made significant progress on its brownfields work, where strong results in particular at Loulo and Kibali continued to highlight the potential to replace our mining depletion for years to come. The company progressed the Massawa feasibility project in Senegal and expanded its greenfields work with new partnerships and with fieldwork starting on new projects in Mali, Côte d’Ivoire and DRC. Randgold’s landholding increased to 15 260km2 (2016: 14 000km2) of prospective Proterozoic and Archean greenstone belts, adding new targets to the base of the resource triangle. 

Achieved in 2017

  • Built team in NE DRC to explore remote Ngayu belt and started work there 
  • Extended company’s landholding in Ngayu belt 
  • Provided number of small oxide resources to Kibali and shifted focus to larger systems 
  • Remodelled Kalimva and Ikamva targets near Kibali and confirmed continuity between Aerodrome and Megi 
  • Deep drilling at KCD and surface work at Sessengue SW generated enormous potential around Kibali’s existing reserves 
  • Drilled out Delya Main at Massawa, Sofia and Sofia North deposits and tested numerous satellites, progressing feasibility study 
  • Submitted Bambadji convention to Senegal government and intend to restart work in 2018 
  • In Mali, extended portfolio around Alecto through JVs with Baraka and Somamine
  • Identified high grade mineralisation at Bakolobi. 
  • Acquired two new permits in southern Mali 
  • Completed evaluation of Domba, Viper and Ntiola satellites around Morila 
  • Identified further extensions to Gara, Yalea and Loulo 3 orebodies 
  • In Côte d’Ivoire, continued to evaluate the Fonondara structure, identifying mineralisation over a 50km strike 
  • Results from Gbongogo continue to confirm its +1Moz potential 
  • Started work on a portfolio of regional permits across Côte d’Ivoire 
  • Restructured Tongon exploration team and developed new target portfolio 
  • Started work on new JVs with Endeavour Mining and Newcrest in Côte d’Ivoire 
  • Generative team completed regional prospectivity studies in NE DRC while driving new models and ideas across the group

Targeted in 2018

  • To find new world-class project and replace mining depletion across the group as part of the 3 new projects in 5 years’ objective, as set in 2017 
  • Deliver 3Moz reserve at Massawa 
  • Restart Bambadji programme while increasing groundholding in Senegal 
  • Convert Bakolobi to new discovery 
  • Develop significant target in Mali greenfields work 
  • Continue to define high grade brownfields targets at Loulo and replace mining depletion 
  • Define Domain Boundary in Gounkoto permit and target high grade mineralisation
  • Deliver world-class projects at Boundiali and Mankono/Sissedougou 
  • Establish optimal portfolio in Newcrest JV in SE Côte d’Ivoire 
  • Extend life of mine at Tongon by one year to 2022 
  • Deliver first resource at Kalimva 
  • Confirm presence and potential of 12000 Lode at KCD 
  • Add a major new target in Kibali permit 
  • Complete Anguluku work and develop portfolio of targets in the Ngayu belt