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Tongon mine comprises two open pit operations, the SZ and NZ, and based on current reserves, has just over three years LoM.

The mine produced 288 680oz of gold in 2017, a 9.7% increase year on year, as a result of an 11.6% improvement in tonnes processed, a small improvement in recovery and a slightly higher head grade. The installation of an 8MW motor on Mill No 1, lower profile mill liners and the conversion of Mill No 1 discharge end liners to a grate and pebble port discharge liner system, contributed to the throughput increase. The operation of the fourth flotation cell and the installation of an additional 20 tonne oxygen plant in Q4 were significantly responsible for sustaining the gold recovery.

Achieved in 2017

  • 11% increase in gold production to 288 680oz 
  • 12% reduction in total cash costs to $676/oz 
  • 13% increase in tonnes treated 
  • Full crushing circuit optimised after completion of 4th stage crushing circuit 
  • 4th stage rougher flotation cell installed, operation optimised and recovery increased 
  • Upgraded oxygen plant capacity by 20 tonnes 
  • Tertiary crushers rebuilt by installing new top and bottom shell components 
  • Mill throughput improved with installation of 8MW motor and discharge liner grating system 
  • Power supply Busbar reconfiguration and capacitator installation completed to improve stability 
  • Utilisation of grid power improved 
  • OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 certifications maintained 
  • Localisation of workforce continued to over 97.5% Ivorian 
  • Investment continued in development of educational programmes, community health and agricultural projects to provide post-mining employment

Targeted in 2018

  • Produce 290 000oz of gold 
  • Continue reduction of total cash cost/oz of production 
  • Improve mill throughput following the installation of 8MW motor and discharge liner grating 
  • Recommission tailings thickener to ensure increased tonnage and volumes 
  • Optimise rougher flotation operation to further improve recovery 
  • Maintain OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 certification 
  • Reduce malaria incidence rate 
  • Achieve zero class 1 and 2 environmental incidents 
  • Maintain and improve community relations, communication and social development 
  • Continue with localisation of workforce and upgrading of skills base 
  • Identify additional one years’ life of mine through brownfields exploration

Tongon Gold Mine Key 2017 Results